Magnetic Posture Corrector

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Size: S (Waist 30 Inches & Below)
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No More Bad Posture and Back Problems !

Do you subconsciously slouch or bend your back when standing or sitting for a long period of time? Back bending is not to be ignored and should be fixed immediately! Wear the Invisible Posture Corrector Brace and correct your posture with ease!

Sitting in front of the computer, standing or just sitting in a single place for a long time causes pain in the back and shoulders. Using this brace not only improves your sitting posture and relieve soreness, but also increases your confidence. And with repeated use, it will help resolve poor posture and chronic muscle imbalance. Here’s more you need to know:

  • 3 CORE STRENGTHS – Proudly gives off 3 major benefits to your body:
  1. CORRECTS BAD POSTURE – Actively works with the spine and muscles instead of confronting them, correcting your posture gently and realigning your spine back to its natural position. Effectively changes your bad sitting, standing, and walking posture to protect normal physiological curve of the spine.
  2. ADJUSTS EYE DISTANCE  Maintains a reasonable distance between your eyes and your desktop or any screen to prevent Myopia and reduce visual fatigue.
  3. RELIEVES BODY FATIGUE  Keeps your body straight and gently stretches your muscles and spine, helping it release the stress from your shoulder, waist, abdomen, and the rest of the body.

  • CONCEALED DESIGN – Its slim design makes it easier to wear under all types of clothes without anyone around you noticing, so you maintain proper posture whether you’re at home, in the office, at the gym, or outdoors.
  • EASY TO WEAR – Just wear the first band on one shoulder, stretch from the back, wear the second band on the other arm, and wear under your clothes.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Designed with adjustable Velcro tape to comfortably fit all body types to provide the perfect solution for your bad posture, back pain, humpback, laziness, and overall back problems, making it suitable for adolescents, adults, and the elderly.


With a great posture, you'll radiate confidence, positivity, and pride! Say goodbye to hunched shoulders or neck/back pain now with the Invisible Posture Corrector Brace! 


Material: Cotton + Polyester


Shoulder Length:

  • SMALL: 30 - 38cm
  • LARGE: 39-46cm


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